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Powerful Web Scraping With A Single Click

Grabbly’s AI-based scraping solution is the only one-click tool capable of extracting clean, complete data from any website. Grabbly makes grabbing data simple and accessible to everyone, regardless of technical ability.    

Open a Website
Install our Chrome extension. Select a site to scrape and set your query.
Push One Button
Click the Grabb button. That’s it—one click!
Download Results
Export your data to CSV, Excel, or Google Spreadsheet.

A Single Click!

No time spent learning a new tool. No pointing or clicking to select elements to scrape. Just click a single button and let Grabbly handle the rest. Grabbly can handle complicated websites with pagination, scrolling and other dynamic actions. No bulky installations, just an elegant chrome extension.

Monitor Websites For Changes

Schedule your Grabb and get email notifications whenever there is a change.  Sit back and let us do the work! 

Run Your Grabb In the Cloud Or On Your Own Machine

Scraping from a public website?  Run your Grabb in on our cloud.  Does your Grabb require you to be logged in?  Run your Grabb locally on your own machine and leverage your existing session. 

Save time, start Grabbing now!

Simply launch Grabbly and click “Grabb” It doesn’t get easier than this!

Integrate Your Grabbs


Google Sheets




Everything You Need For Web Scraping


Artificial Intelligence

The power of Artificial Intelligence will auto-detect the key data points on the page for you.



All data in motion is securely transferred through HTTPS. Data extraction is secure.



Schedule reoccurring tasks to extract data.


1 Click Easy Grabb

No need to spend time learning a complicated tool. Just go to desired list and click “Grabb”.


Deep Extraction

Follow links to extract even more data from the deep web.


Rotating IPs

IP Addresses Are Rotated to Prevent Being Blocked From a Web Site

Save time, start Grabbing now!

Simply launch Grabbly and click “Grabb”.  It doesn’t get easier than this!

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